Organization Outline

Name Sawakami Opera Foundation
Location 29-2 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082 Japan
Established August 8th, 2014
President Atsuto Sawakami
Councilor Masao Tsuji, Toshio Yokoyama, Futoshi Kitagawa
Board of Trustees Kunio Ito, Koichi Ito, Tetsujiro Hayashi, Yojiro Shiba, Kenichi Hirayama, Genjiro Hagino
Artistic Director Hirofumi Yoshida
Executive Director Jun Yamada
Secretary General Kikue Murata
Auditor Toru Nagasawa
Affiliated Organization Japan Opera Festival Executive Committee

Music Exchange Program for Japan Saudi Vision 2030 Executive Committee

Purpose and Activities To contribute to the vigorous development of opera culture in Japan. In close collaboration with the world top-level opera theaters and musicians, we organize authentic opera performances and festivals in Japan as well as recruit the potential Japanese musicians through auditions and give them scholarships in Italy together with various supports in human resources.

Greetings from the President

Our foundation is established to broaden the base of opera in Japan, with the strong belief that Arts and Culture should stand superior to commercialism. Nowadays, however, money often comes first in opera or classic concerts everywhere in the world.
We are ambitious to challenge such money oriented tendency, and to restore what opera should be through following activities.

Firstly, we invite world top level opera house and philharmonie once or twice a year to Japan. Aiming at the genuine opera performance, we will distribute ticket exclusively to those who really wish to enjoy the opera. Direct sales of ticket not using ticket house enables us to control and elevate the level of audience.sawakami_kaicho

Secondly, we endeavor to widen the opera lovers in Japan, particularly among young people. In every opera performance, we offer them several tens of cheap seats.

Thirdly, we conduct once a year open audition in Tokyo, Kyoto and Bologna to recruit potential opera singer. Those candidates who obtained high scores are awarded with scholarship to Italy for one year.

Atsuto Sawakami

About Chairman Atsuto Sawakami

Atsuto Sawakami is Chairman of Sawakami Asset Management Company and the Sawakami Opera Foundation. He was Representative of Pictet & Cie Japan from 1980 to 1996 before establishing Sawakami Asset Management Inc. in 1996 and founding Japan’s first non-affiliated asset management company, Sawakami Asset Management Company in 1999. He is known for the pioneer of long-term investment.

Mr. Sawakami has established the opera foundation in 2014 hoping to enrich life of Japan through art and hosting open-air opera, Japan Opera Festival with the cooperation of Teatro Communale di Bologna of Italy since 2015.

In 2016, he was awarded the Italian decoration, Commendatore dell’Ordinedella Stella della Solidarieta Italiana for his contribution in artistic activities of Japan and Italy by Italian government.